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Triple Action Event

Three times endless action 

4 wheels fun and 4 wheels safety, you will find them brotherly next to each other at the INKART & JESCO site along the A12 Antwerp - Brussels in Boom. Combine them, and you get a unique Triple Action Event on 4 wheels: slip control, brake control and karting fun. We have more than enough space to run these 3 modules simultaneously. Karts and Cars is therefore the ideal program for large groups. We switch smoothly from one handlebar to another according to a proven schedule, so that no one loses their pedals.


Car control and karting fun 

During an INKART-Triple Action Event nobody stands still, at least not without wanting to. In the brake control module, participants learn what braking really means. We practice the emergency stop and the emergency stop with avoidance. Checking a skidding car is taught in the slip control module. Experience what real racing happened during a real karting Grand Prix. Warming up, qualifying and then a real race with F1 starting grid, never before have you and your guests had so much fun. Of course we will make the Champagne pop on the closing stage. Request your quote today for a combined karting and car training via this link or call us on 03/8661819.


Maxi version on request. 

The Triple Action Event can be organized in the morning, afternoon or evening. You want more? Then we just make it a whole day. We are happy to provide a delicious menu, BBQ or buffet. Even more action? How about a Quad ride, a Commentary drive or a helicopter flight? We are happy to continue brainstorming with you on 03/8661819. 

If you want to know more about Jesco auto training school, take a look at the website.