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From what age can you go karting?

Karting is for young and older

Karting gives you a tremendous sense of speed. It is also an intensive experience for body and mind. An INKART session contains the right balance between healthy exercise and maximum pleasure. 

A session lasts 12 minutes for adults and juniors, and 10 minutes for children. 

That's a lot of FUN. After a short break, nothing stands in the way of going on the track again. 

Super safe racing. 

We aim to give young and old racing sensations responsibly. Safety has been the number 1 priority at INKART since 1994. Therefore the following categories never ride together on the track, without exception!

Karting for children

Karting FUN for kids at INKART! 

From 6 years and 1m20, children at INKART can discover the fun of karting in a safe and responsible way. 

After an adapted briefing, you can confidently see them enter the INKART circuit in an ultra safe children's kart. 

More about Karting for children, mega birthday parties, holiday karting internships, gift cards and better learning to kart at INKART TRAINING CLUB can be found here.

Karting for juniors

Racing karting FUN for juniors! 
Larger than 1m65, heavier than 55 kg and not yet 16? 

In the INKART junior class you will experience maximum racing fun in an adult kart. Track Marshalls watch over your safety while you and your peers compete in exciting karting sessions. You can find more about Karting for young people, championships, holiday karting internships, gift cards and better karting at INKART TRAINING CLUB here.

Karting for adults

Extreme adult kart race FUN 
Over 16? At INKART a good portion of karting racing fun is waiting for you. Have fun on our legendary karting circuit in a fast hi-tech kart! The INKART team is at your side, so you can enjoy karting in complete safety. More about Karting for adults, karting championships, the INKART RACE CUP, gift cards and getting faster thanks to the INKART RACING NIGHTS can be found here. 

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