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Birthday Party Children


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Birthday party on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday.

Have your birthday like never before! 
We not only wish your son or daughter a very happy birthday, together we will also make it a fantastic experience. An INKART birthday karting, with that you give an incredible amount of fun. No dressing up this time. We put everyone in a real racing outfit including a super cool helmet. Kitted out like a real pilot, they then enter the INKART circuit, well protected. Time for lots of FUN. You don't have to worry. Professionally trained track marshalls explain everything perfectly to them before the start. Children have fun in complete safety at INKART.

Birthday parties to enjoy. 
No party without food. We are happy to serve the favorite children's party menu. Burgers or pizza? Of course they belong, but prepared with care! Their beloved drink will not be missing. Candy Crush party or Crunchy Chips Party? Here you will find all Kids Birthday Formulas, because there is much more possible! Let them start inviting their boyfriends and girlfriends with this original birthday card.

In safe jobs, well organized. 

  • INKART birthday parties are for children from 6 to 14 years old

  • Safety first. Children, Juniors and adults never ride together. 

  • An adapted briefing before the start, responsible and confident karting for everyone. 

  • A suitable outfit for every child, so they are well protected. 

  • Guidance by the INKART KIDKART TEAM. 

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