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Junior Master


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The Cherry on the Kart.

Masterclass for karting racing drivers. 
Have you ever looked at how quickly and smoothly your son or daughter travels the INKART circuit? Your child has now learned an incredible amount at INKART TRAINING CLUB, and can now really drive a kart. In JUNIOR MASTER we once again pull out all the stops and bring their skills to competition level. After this training they get everything out of the kart. In this final module we aim for nothing less than perfection, so that they can take place on the starting grid as to be feared competition pilots.


This finish is the start. 
Kart racing is an exciting and challenging sport. Before we flag their training, we work in this last hour on the specific competencies needed to successfully compete in championships. Winning races not only requires excellent tactical insight, it also comes down to executing a race strategy perfectly on the track. So we are going to practice a lot, learn to deal with tension and especially learn to enjoy sensational karting. Register your son or daughter today for JUNIOR MASTER, their final start of lots of karting competition fun. Call us on 03/8661819. You can find the calendar of INKART TRAINING CLUB here. Of course we also have an overview of all participation prices.




Karting theory. 

  • Determine offensive and defensive lines on the track. 

  • The influence of weather conditions and responding to changes. 

  • Making a tactical preparation for a match. 

  • Better estimate match situations and benefit from it.

Behind the wheel. 

  • Drive flawlessly and exactly different lines, depending on the tactic. 

  • Riding on a wet track

  • Precise and consistent use of braking and acceleration points

  • Permanently maintain the correct steering position and relaxed position. 

  • Control a kart with one hand and drive at the speed limit. 

  • "Slow in, fast out" exercises. 

  • How to get out of an (exceptional) crash safely. 

  • Overtaking and braking at competition level.