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Kid Master


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Ready for the big kart.

Can go karting very well. 
Giving them every opportunity to discover their passions, that's what you want as a parent. When your son or daughter has experienced Initiation, Kid Starter and Kid Advanced at INKART TRAINING CLUB, you can be sure of one thing, your child has a thing for karting. Being able to go karting very well, that is his or her big dream, and we are going to bring that a little closer in the KID MASTER program. KID MASTER is the last module in the KID series. Once your child under 16 is taller than 1m65 and heavier than 55kg, they can switch to the JUNIORS and the big SODI RT8 kart. Rest assured, your pilot or pilot-to-be will be ready for it.


Want to win competitions. 

Throughout the entire process, INKART instructors teach your child to drive a kart safely and better. Karting isn't just about driving fast laps, it's competition too! In KID MASTER we focus on competition situations and prepare your child to soon start looking for that first coveted place on the podium. Put an end to the impatient trampling you hear in the background and call us on 03/8661819. Register your son or daughter for KID MASTER today. You can find the calendar of INKART TRAINING CLUB here. Of course we also have an overview of all participation prices.



KID MASTER program

Karting theory. 

  • Flags in competitions keep karting safe. 

  • Analysis of match situations to gain more insight. 

  • How do you prepare for a competition.


Behind the wheel. 

  • Driving the ideal line in different weather conditions, without aids. 

  • Control a kart with one hand and drive at the speed limit

  • Memorize and use braking and acceleration points. 

  • Refine cornering and learn to steer more precisely

  • Assessing race situations, reacting correctly, overtaking and braking. 

  • "Slow in, fast out" exercises. 

  • How to get out of an (exceptional) crash safely. 

  • Mutual karting competitions drive and drive and drive and ...