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On the road to perfection.

Developing karting talent 
Nice to see how your son or daughter has fun at INKART TRAINING CLUB. Karting does not only require concentration, it also improves your child's motor skills. To further develop his or her talent for this healthy sport, INKART created the KID ADVANCED module. This module is intended to take the acquired basic skills to a higher level. In the right way, we stimulate young karters' sense of challenges. As a result, they not only enjoy a KID ADVANCED training, it also gives them a lot of satisfaction.


Learning to go kart better together. 
It is fantastic for the INKART instructors to be able to help motivated children to further develop their karting knowledge and to guide them in gaining even more practical experience. KID ADVANCED lasts a well-filled hour. Your child takes theoretical lessons in group. Then they drive and practice together on the INKART circuit. They quickly become friends, which makes learning karting together really FUN. Call us on 03/8661819 and register your son or daughter today. You can find the calendar of INKART TRAINING CLUB here. Of course we also have an overview of all participation prices.



Karting theory. 

  • The basic rules are not just there, what do they really mean? 

  • The ideal line, how do I make it perfect? 

  • How do you take your technique to a higher level?

Behind the wheel. 

  • Driving the ideal line without aids. 

  • Control a kart with one hand. 

  • Slalom with one hand. 

  • Brake and acceleration points, train the ideal cornering technique

  • "Slow in, fast out" exercises. 

  • Driving with a perfect steering position

  • Discovering the first match insights.