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Kid Starter


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Karting basic techniques

Go karting safely and confidently. 

Your child has discovered karting and thinks it is mega fun. Of course you want nothing more than that he or she gets maximum pleasure from this new hobby, and without you having to worry. That's why KID STARTER at INKART is ideal to start karting. In this special training program for young novices, we learn the basic rules in a smooth way, so that your son or daughter can enter the INKART circuit in a responsible manner. We also explain the main techniques, so their karting sessions become great experiences.


We take our time! 

As with many other sports, a solid foundation is important. We therefore take plenty of time to help your child get started in karting. The KID STARTER program lasts a full hour. INKART karting instructors explain everything in great detail but of course we spend a lot of time on the track, because you learn karting on the track. Call us on 03/8661819 and register your son or daughter today. You can find the calendar of INKART TRAINING CLUB here. Of course we also have an overview of all participation prices.


Kid Starter program

Karting theory. 

  • What should you do when the INKART track marshall shows you a yellow, red, blue or other flag? 

  • Each circuit has ideal lines, how do you discover them? 

  • How do you take corners with a go-kart?

Behind the wheel. 

  • Get in and out safely and correctly. 

  • Respond correctly to the flags. 

  • Position your hands on the handlebars. 

  • Learn to drive with one hand by pushing the handlebars. 

  • Practice braking technique with the help of cones. 

  • Following the ideal lines and smoothly through the curves.