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Welcome to the karting world

Start with karting 

There she is shining, a beautiful and advanced SODI top-kart, ready to enter the INKART circuit with your child on board. Karting is an exciting and also very accessible sport. The basic techniques to drive a kart safely and confidently are easy and can be learned by everyone. Your child's racing dream starts with an INITIATION at INKART.

Learning karting is fun 

A karting initiation is meant to let your son or daughter discover whether this fascinating sport is something for him or her. We would like to give them maximum pleasure from this introduction. We explain the basic rules to them in 25 'and then they immediately hit the track for a hefty 10-minute session. That's a lot of fun for a first time. Call us on 03/8661819 and register your son or daughter today. You can find the calendar of INKART TRAINING CLUB here. Of course we also have an overview of all participation prices.



A little theory about karting. 

  • Red, blue, yellow and other flags, what do they mean? 
  • The ideal line, not that of models, but that of the INKART circuit. 
  • Everything you need to know to smoothly follow the first lesson of KID STARTER.

Behind the wheel 

  • Safety first. How do you put on and fasten your helmet and take it off again? 

  • How do you get in and out of a kart correctly? 

  • Two pedals, a brake and the gas. How do you use them optimally? 

  • Two hands on the wheel, but in what position? 

  • Drive a few laps ahead. 

  • Driving alone!